Biomass is organic, renewable, certified, & sustainable material used for electricity and heat production. The main markets are converted coal power stations, either fully converted or co-firing biomass with coal, and heating markets.

While the industrial markets are mainly focused in Northern Europe, Poland, Japan and South Korea the heating markets are more diverse. Whether residential heat production or for municipal building, libraries, schools etc the volumes consumed are equal to the utilities’ demand.

Italy is the main focus for residential markets while France and Spain have rapidly growing interest in expanding biomass consumption.

Our focus is on adding value to the supply chain where there are weak points that we can address. Storage, project finance, and marketing are just a part of what we offer.

From pure sawdust to forestry residuals, we understand that our clients have specific requirements. I1, I2, A1, A2, and sunflower husk pellets add value to different users in different ways.

Our job is to supply the most cost effective and appropriate fuel, each and every time whether a spot volume on a coaster of a 15 year term contract on an ultramax.

Our office in Poland provides additional support and gives us a solid footing in the Baltic.