Colombia Office

Bogotá and Cucuta

At the beginning of 2006, new offices were opened in both Bogota' and Cucuta (north Santander area).


The company now works with several mining companies with a view to developing both existing and new business, improving the sourcing system and increasing the quantities of coal to be marketed.


To achieve this, it has invested in various mining ventures in the Cucuta and Boyaca' areas.


Cucuta, in north east of the country, is an industrial city and transportation hub and the centre of a rich coffee, oil and mineral region.


With good reserves relatively close to export terminals, and production reaching approximately 85.5 million mt in 2013, Columbia is poised to become the most dynamic exporter in the Pacific Basin.


Virtually all of its coal is steam coal and mainly exported to U.S., European and Mediterranean markets.


C.I. Bulk Trading Suramerica Sas, Colombia


Bogotá Office
Calle 93no 14-20, of 413
Bogota, Cundinamarca
Phone: +5716422544
Fax: +5717597936


Cucuta Office
Av 0A no 12-05 of 303
Cúcuta - Norte de Santander
Phone: +5775714392
Fax: +5775833033


Sogamoso Office
Calle 15 No. 10 - 05 Of. 304
Sogamoso Boyacá
Phone +5787719036
Fax +5787719036


Ubaté Office
Carrera 2da Nº 1F-237 Local 13
Ubaté - Cundinamarca
Phone: +5718552950
Fax: +5718552950



C.I. Bulk Trading Suramerica Sas, Colombia - Bogotá

C.I. Bulk Trading Suramerica Sas, Colombia - Cucuta

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